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VISION CLIENT is a consulting firm specializing in mystery shopping for service and retail businesses.

Our main objective is to provide companies with an analysis tool based on an external vision of their business. Mystery shopping is the favored means for analyzing a business in real time. In fact, such an approach provides a factual picture of the business in the course of normal operations.

The mystery shopper program precisely measures a store's customer service and merchandising performance. Yet it is far more than a measuring tool; the mystery shopper program is also:

  • Information, which is structured and detailed allowing us to identify a business’ strengths and weaknesses through the experiences of its customers;
  • Training, because reading a detailed report about a customer’s actual experience is often just as educational as a formal training session;
  • Discussion, the reports give managers the opportunity to assess the situation and review it with the sales staff, highlighting excellence and good performance;
  • Improvement, because we know that the mystery shopper program helps directly contribute to increasing the level of customer satisfaction, and therefore has an impact on customer loyalty, increased patronage and sales growth.

In fact, the role of the mystery shopper is to give you the customer’s vision. It is a sure remedy for the myopia that too often sets in.

Statopex inc.

Statopex Inc., a company specialized in customer service evaluation, located in Laval, Quebec, has acquired Vision Client Inc.

Press Release – November 1, 2013

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